Powerful advertising is the result of powerful strategic planning and market research. Our primary mission is not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them. An effective campaign or idea is guaranteed by a good and comprehensive strategy.


To succeed in today’s competitive marketplace, it’s simply not enough to offer quality products or services at cutthroat prices. You have to be noticed and stand out from your competition. We combine creative thinking and innovative ideas that provide original solutions to your challenges.


We’re proud to say that Mozart Advertising is a Google Partner. Our digital advertising and social media experts work hand on hand with our clients to strategically establish top-notch social media presence on social networking platforms. This way we guarantee to deliver great reach and impact in our client’s digital campaigns.


At Mozart we offer all the production services right from the pre-production to the postproduction phase for all media platforms such as TV Video, Animated Videos, Radio, Digital Media amongst others. Every project has a different purpose and budget and Mozart can accommodate to any budget.


We create a professional web design and e-Commerce website design solutions focused on your objectives and business goals.


The key to maximize your investment in media placement is based on an effective media planning process. Our media consulting team will give you advice on how to invest your money efficiently and how to have an optimal media placement that will guarantee you to reach your audience.